Mayors Maker Challenge Launch (Letter)

In May 2014, the MAC, in conjunction with a group of 20+ mayors, launched the Mayors Maker Challenge. The challenge asked mayors from manufacturing communities to make a pledge to boost manufacturing in their communities. Manufacturing is making a comeback in communities across America, and innovation is helping drive our economy. Part of the momentum in manufacturing is the “Maker Movement” which convenes inventors, youth, educational institutions, businesses, and entrepreneurs in creative ways to foster technology advances. Local governments and mayors can be on the leading edge of this movement by fostering maker activities and communities in a number of ways.

One way MAC mayors aimed to foster the movement in communities was to create the Mayors Maker Challenge. The Challenge was embraced by the White House during its first White House Maker Faire, and worked closely with the MAC to build support for the Challenge is cities across the country. By the end of the campaign, over 100 mayors became part of the Mayors Maker Challenge.

Mayors Maker Challenge Launch Letter_

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